Music Team

Music Team

Associate Directors :   Alexis Nicoletta,  Pam Feltenberger
Assistant Directors : Michelle Little,  Kathe Schellman
In-house Coaches : Alexis Nicoletta, Michelle Little, Janet Poley, Pam Feltenberger

Music Performance Chair : Michelle Little

Baritone Section Leader : Pam Feltenberger

Assistant : Janet Poley

Bass Section Leader : Pam Zeyher

Assistant : Sally Griffith

Lead Section Leader : Michelle Little

Assistants :Amy Reynolds and Lindsay Durden

Tenor Section Leader : Karen Brooks

Assistant : Susan McGurl

Music Education Coordinator : Janet Poley

Quartet Promotion Chair : Michelle Little

Visual Performance Chair : Alexis Pena

Riser Choreographer : Susan McGurl

Assistant : Karen Baker

Front Row Chair : Amy Reynolds

Script Writing : Alexis Pena

Costume Chair :  Kathe Schellman and Bonnie Scarce

Makeup Chair : Teresa Safranek





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Join us Tuesday nights
from 7:30-10:30pm
Northbrook United Methodist Church
11225 Crabapple Road
Roswell, GA 30075

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